Legal expertise

Because European Union and national laws are increasingly integrated, knowing whether we are specifically dealing with one, with the other, or with both is often pointless, and sometimes even restrictive.

Indeed, many national rules come from European Union ones, mainly through the transposition of Directives. However, it is important to fully comprehend that national authorities, as well as national judges, are the first to apply European Union law when it is of direct application, as is the case in Customs law, Competition law or State aids and, in increasingly numerous fields, when Regulations have replaced former Directives, as for example in Food law.

Additionally, the fundamental rights provided for by the European Convention on Human Rights are directly applicable at both national and European Union levels.

Finally, international law rules, particularly those from the World Trade Organization (WTO), need to be taken into account more and more systematically.

This increasingly permanent and evolving overlapping of the rules enhances our firm’s expertise and creativity. As such, the overview of our activities does not differentiate between French, European Union and international law, each finding its rightful place according to the specific needs of each case.

Legal expertise

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