It is crucial for companies to seek to become or to remain central players in the evolution of the legal context in which they operate. In doing so, it is in their best interest to seek the services of one or several firms which will be able to precisely identify their needs and skillfully defend their clients’ interests by making timely contacts with the competent persons or bodies.

Some of the attorneys of COUTRELIS & ASSOCIES have previously held high-ranking functions in major French and European Union bodies where they have naturally established and developed strong business links with key players. This “field-knowledge” gives COUTRELIS & ASSOCIES a considerable advantage over its competitors which can be assessed by its efficient track record in approaching decision-makers at National, European Union and International levels as well as in the constant monitoring of legislative and regulatory developments touching upon the involved business activities.

Having assessed early on the decisive importance of European lobbying, COUTRELIS & ASSOCIES was one of the very first French business law firms to open an office in Brussels in order to be as near as possible to decision and policy makers and to be able to act and react at all appropriate times and levels.

This strategic choice, as well as the diverse profiles and the way members of the firm complement each other, have contributed to COUTRELIS & ASSOCIES’ reputation in lobbying activities, often very effective because very discreet.

But this does not keep members of our firm from frequently being conference speakers in public debates or from publishing position papers in response to public consultations on important issues dealing with the firm's fields of expertise.

Our approach

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